Our venture began with a belief. a belief in the power of nature. It is our desire to revive the faith that our ancestors had in the mystical and healing properties of nature. We have watched our grandmothers use natural herbs and oils for skin care, a knowledge that’s passed on from generation to generation. It is this knowledge that we at Soil and Earth have used to create our products.

We believe that the well being of our body is directly dependent on the well being of our soul and our surroundings, which is achieved through natural and toxic free products.

That’s why Soil and Earth’s luxurious, natural soaps are made with the finest quality ingredients, combined in just the right amounts to cleanse, lather, and nourish. With each soap having a unique formula, we want to provide purity, harmony, serenity, comfort, calmness, bliss, rejuvenation and revitalization. Our endeavor is to provide an amazing unique experience to you.